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We Simplify

Whether you need a report on your revenue or a breakdown of a pricing plan’s components, you can count on Subsbase to keep your workspace clean, your information organized, and your tasks straightforward.

● Sleek Dashboards
● Low Code/No Code Interface
● Discount and Coupon Management
● Simple Customer Reporting
● Pricing Plan Solutions

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We Integrate

Working with multiple third party software applications can be a hassle, but with SubsBase it’s, well, a party. We connect all of your web tools so that everything you need is in one place and synced to your customer data.

● Analytics tools
● CRM Software
● Email Lists
● Help Desks
● Payment Gateways

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We Automate

Stop wasting time double checking and re-entering. SubsBase keeps you up to date and moving fast so you can focus on the things that matter.

Our automatic billing and invoicing features lets you handle subscriptions in your sleep.

Our webhooks notifications keep you up to date and in the loop.

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“SubsBase saved us 6 to 8 months of development and a huge internal development budget, thanks to SubsBase we went live with our subscription offering in a matter of days”
Kamel Karam - Clackett
Kamel Karam
“SubsBase has been a game changer to how we deal with our subscription management and our team involvement in the day to day challenges with this specific module in our product. Dealing with subscription management was a huge distraction until we learned about SubsBase. Integration has been seamless and the team has been very supportive, even the cost is minimal compared to the time and effort we were putting into this module. We recommend SubsBase to subscription based companies as we believe they are a big success partner in our journey.
Abdelkader Ahmed - Zammit
Abdelkader Ahmed
“SubsBase has given us the availability to create, customize and monitor plans for our paying startups. It played a pivotal role in transforming our revenue stream to transition from 50% to 90% online payments in just 1 month. The team at SubsBase listens, advises ,optimizes and delivers the most curated solutions that fits your business"
Islam Ellawendy - Startups Galaxy
Islam Ellawendy
Startups Galaxy

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