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Unleash Your Business Potential. Effortlessly manage and optimize your recurring revenue streams with our smart platform for subscription-based businesses. Simplified recurring revenue and subscription management, tailored to your needs, with seamless integrations for scalable growth.

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Recurring Payments

For any business size

Customized Schedules 

Unleash flexible payment scheduling with limitless customization options for dates and amounts.  

Embrace unparalleled flexibility with our recurring payment system, where you can truly customize your payment schedules to meet your unique requirements. Enjoy the freedom to tailor the dates, amounts, and interrelationships of each payment according to your specific needs. Whether you prefer weekly, monthly, or irregular payment intervals, our system empowers you to design schedules that align perfectly with your business operations.  

Seamless Modification Management

Make changes to future payments with ease. Our system allows you to update any scheduled payment to reflect modifications without any hassle.

With our advanced system, you have the ability to update future payments on any schedule effortlessly, ensuring that they accurately reflect any necessary changes. Whether you need to adjust dates, modify payment amounts, or make other modifications, our intuitive platform makes it simple and convenient.


Easily track outstanding processes and failed payments across various intervals.

Our analytics allow users to effortlessly track outstanding and failed payments across different intervals. This allows you to stay on top of payments with ease and make informed decisions using our analytics dashboard.

Flexible Payment Updates

Seamlessly update payments to align with your evolving circumstances, requirements, and preferences.

Our platform offers the ability to seamlessly modify future payments on any schedule, allowing you to reflect and accommodate any necessary adjustments. Adapt to evolving circumstances, ensuring that your payments align perfectly with your specific requirements and preferences. With this feature, you can effortlessly modify payment methods empowering you to stay in charge of your financial commitments.

Customize Payment Methods For Every Schedule

Enable personalized payment experiences with different methods for each schedule, empowering customers to choose the most convenient option.

You and your customers can leverage different payment methods for each schedule, allowing for a personalized payment experience. Whether it's weekly, monthly, or any other defined schedule, this feature enables seamless customization, empowering both you and your customers to choose the most convenient payment method for each specific schedule.

Streamlined Payment Tracking

Effortlessly track and mark schedules as paid from various sources, with automated consolidation and seamless linking to ensure accurate reflection of payments.

With this feature you have the ability to mark schedules as paid from various sources, streamlining the payment tracking process. Our automated consolidation feature ensures that payments are accurately reflected on their respective schedules, regardless of the payment method used, even if it differs from the original one. Our advanced bank statement parsing and check monitoring system automatically links payments to their corresponding schedules, eliminating the need for manual intervention. 

Effortless Schedule Template Creation

Effortlessly create and reuse schedule templates, generating multiple schedules based on the same terms, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

This feature allows you to create and reuse schedule templates effortlessly. You can easily generate multiple schedules based on the same payment terms or templates, saving you time and effort. With just a few clicks, you can create a new schedule that mirrors the existing one, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your payment arrangements. This convenient capability streamlines your workflow and enhances efficiency, enabling you to handle repetitive scheduling tasks with ease. 

Effortless Schedule Template Creation
Advanced Dunning Capabilities

Maximize payment recovery and improve customer communication with our dunning feature, offering automated retries and customized messaging for failed transactions.

Recover from churn and streamline your communication with customers through our dunning feature. With automated retries for failed transactions, you can increase the chances of successful payment recovery, employing varying percentages to optimize results. Additionally, our platform allows for customized communication with customers, enabling tailored messaging to address specific payment issues. By automating the dunning process and personalizing customer interactions, you can efficiently handle failed transactions, reduce churn, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Advanced Dunning Capabilities
Seamless Schedule Acceptance

Streamline acceptance with our platform's automatic reviewable acceptance forms, enabling informed decision-making and transparency.

Our platform automatically generates acceptance forms, allowing customers to review schedules before committing to them. This feature ensures transparency and empowers customers to make informed decisions, providing a seamless experience from start to finish. Streamline the acceptance process and build trust by providing customers with control and confidence in their commitments. 

Seamless Schedule Acceptance

Subscription Management Platform 

Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Manage your subscriber lifecycle including, sign ups, upgrades, downgrades, pausing, suspension, and canceling.

The Subscription Management System provides comprehensive management of the subscriber lifecycle, including sign-ups, upgrades, downgrades, pausing, suspension, and cancellations. This ensures a seamless and efficient experience for both subscribers and administrators. 

Subscriber Profile

Access a 360 view of all your customer engagement including, subscriptions, invoices, transactions, payment methods, and activities.

Our platform offers a 360-degree view of each customer's engagement, encompassing all subscriptions, invoices, transactions, payment methods, and activities. This holistic view enables better understanding and fosters personalized interactions with subscribers. 

Billing and Invoicing

Automate invoice creation and card charges based on your subscription plan and usage.

Leverage our advanced billing and invoicing solution to automate the creation of invoices and streamline card charges, tailored precisely to your subscription plan and actual usage. By doing so, you can ensure precise and error-free billing for your valued subscribers. 

Recurring Payments

Automatically handle the collection of payment from various payment methods.

Experience the seamless management of recurring payments through our automated processes. Our platform effortlessly collects payments from multiple payment methods, guaranteeing a seamless experience for subscribers while minimizing any potential payment-related complications. 

Coupon Management

Create diverse coupons with customizable options, including fixed and percentage-based discounts, validity dates, plans, redemption allowances, and renewals.

Our platform empowers administrators/(or you) to create diverse coupons, including fixed and percentage-based discounts, with customizable validity periods, plan specifications, redemption allowances, and renewals. This enables targeted promotions and enhances customer retention strategies.

Limited Term Subscription

Tailor your subscription offerings by specifying unique term limits for contract-based subscriptions, providing flexibility and customization to your customers.

Leverage the flexibility of our system for contract-based subscriptions, empowering administrators to define diverse term limits. This feature enables you to offer subscriptions with customized durations, perfectly aligning with both your business needs and the unique preferences of your customers.


Streamline your business metrics with automated creation of MRR, ARR, ARPU, and cohort analysis.

Elevate your business with our robust analytics features.Unlock the full potential of your data as our intelligent system automatically generates critical metrics including Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and conducts insightful cohort analysis.These insights help your business make data-driven decisions and optimize your subscription strategies. 

Advanced Dunning Capabilities

Recover from churn easily by automating transaction retries and customizing communication to each customer.

Maximize customer retention and minimize churn with our advanced automated dunning processes. Our system employs intelligent transaction retries with customized communication tailored to each customer, increasing the likelihood of successful payment recovery. By optimizing our approach, we significantly increase the likelihood of successful payment recovery, driving higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Subscriber Customization

Enable seamless plan transitions, pause or cancel subscriptions with automated prorations, and empower customers to effortlessly manage their payment methods.

Our subscription platform empowers subscribers with unparalleled flexibility and control. Allowing them to seamlessly switch plans, pause when life gets busy, cancel effortlessly, and manage payments conveniently. Our advanced proration system ensures accurate adjustments, charging only for what they use.  

Billing & Invoicing

Flexible Custom Payment Scheduling

Effortlessly configure custom payment schedules to match diverse payment terms, automated payments, or installments, providing flexible and tailored payment management.

You can effortlessly build custom payment schedules to align with various payment terms, automated payments, or installments. Tailor the schedules to meet your specific requirements and ensure seamless payment processing. Whether you need to set up recurring payments, staggered installments, or adapt to unique payment terms, this feature empowers you with the ability to create custom schedules that cater to your needs. 

Custom Subscription Sign-ups

Streamline subscription sign-ups and boost recurring revenue by enabling customers to join flexible plans, customize options, and enjoy a tailored subscription experience.

Enhance your subscription services with our feature that enables customers to sign up for recurring plans effortlessly. Our platform allows customers to conveniently join flexible subscription plans, offering customized options tailored to each specific plan. Whether it's monthly, quarterly, or any other recurring interval, this functionality empowers customers to choose the subscription options that best suit their needs. Attract and retain customers by providing a streamlined sign-up process and personalized subscription choices, optimizing your recurring revenue streams. 

One-Time and Recurring Payments

Seamlessly handle one-time and recurring payments in one place.

Streamline your payment processes with our all-in-one solution that allows you to handle both one-time and recurring payments in a single, centralized platform. Whether it's a one-time transaction or a recurring payment schedule, our comprehensive solution offers a unified and streamlined experience for efficient payment management.

Store and Choose Multiple Payment Methods

Enhance payment convenience by allowing customers to store and select from various payment methods, streamlining future transactions and catering to individual preferences.

Our platform enables customers to choose from a range of payment options and conveniently use their saved methods for future payments. Whether it's credit cards, bank accounts, or alternative payment methods, this functionality empowers customers to select their preferred payment method and streamline the checkout process. Embrace the power of multiple payment methods and empower your customers to transact with ease. 

Customizable Plans For Prepaid, Post-Paid, and Hybrid Scenarios 

Efficiently handle different payment scenarios with our platform's ability to create plans that accommodate prepaid, post-paid, and hybrid models, allowing for flexible billing options.

Effortlessly manage various payment scenarios with our platform's ability to handle pre-paid, post-paid, and hybrid models. This feature enables you to cater to different billing preferences and accommodate diverse customer needs. Whether it's upfront payments, pay-as-you-go usage charges, or a combination of both, our system empowers you to design plans that align with your business requirements and provide a seamless payment experience for your customers. 

Streamline Transactions Through Payment Routing

Streamline payment processing and optimize transaction flows with our platform's ability to route different payments and payment methods across various providers.

Efficiently manage payment routing with our platform's capability to route diverse payments and payment methods across multiple providers. With this feature, you can easily direct payments to different service providers based on specific criteria or preferences. Our system empowers you to streamline payment processing and optimize transaction flows. 

Billing & Invoicing_1
Billing & Invoicing_2
Billing & Invoicing_3
Automated Invoice Creation For Complex Pricing Models

Streamline your invoicing process by automatically generating accurate and dynamic invoices based on diverse pricing models, such as tiered, volumetric, stairstep, and per unit pricing.

Simplify your invoicing process with our feature that automatically generates invoices based on different and complex pricing models. Our platform empowers you to configure diverse pricing structures for plans and add-ons, including tiered, volumetric, stairstep, and per unit pricing. With this functionality, you can easily set up dynamic pricing structures that accurately reflect your products or services. The automated invoice creation eliminates manual calculations and saves you valuable time, ensuring accurate and efficient billing.  

Automated Checkouts For Billing and Invoicing

Streamline billing and invoicing with our automated checkout feature, generating convenient links for customers to sign up and pay invoices.

Our platform creates auto-generated links that you can share with customers, allowing them to easily sign up and make payments for invoices. By automating the checkout process and providing direct links for sign-ups and invoice payments, you can enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Enable automated checkouts and effortlessly manage the billing and invoicing workflows. 

Tax Invoice Capabilities

With tax regulations constantly changing, it can be a challenge for businesses to keep up. Subsbase makes it easy to manage your tax and e-invoicing needs. Our platform is integrated with a wide range of local tax authorities and e-invoicing platforms such as ZATCA in Saudi Arabia and E-invoice in Egypt. so you can easily generate and manages your invoices. You can now easily scale your operation and business without worrying about local tax regulations and integration significantly reducing the cost and time for businesses to deploy digital invoicing.

Integration & Localization

Effortless Integration With Popular Payment Providers

Effortlessly integrate with popular payment providers and simplify your payment integration process using our platform's out-of-the-box integrations.

Simplify your payment integration process with our out-of-the-box integrations for payment gateways. Instantly connect with popular payment providers without any technical complexities or overheads. Our platform eliminates the need for extensive coding or development work, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with payment providers and start accepting payments quickly. 

Unified Customer Data Integration

Effortlessly sync customer data across accounting, customer service, CRM tools, and other systems through our 3rd party integrations, ensuring a single source of truth and streamlined workflows.

Our 3rd party integrations provide a seamless solution to maintain a single source of truth by automatically synchronizing customer information across your accounting, customer service, CRM tools, and other relevant systems. You can ensure consistent and up-to-date data across your entire stack, eliminating the need for manual data entry or reconciliation. Additionally, our platform allows you to connect with other tools used for operations, further streamlining your workflows and maximizing efficiency.  

Automate Customer Notifications

Automate customer notifications across multiple channels (email, SMS, chat) based on various activities, keeping them informed about payments, renewals, and relevant events.

Our platform enables you to set up triggers that automatically send notifications to your customers based on different activities. You can effortlessly engage with your customers through various channels such as emails, SMS, and chats. Keep your customers informed about upcoming payments, renewals, and other relevant events, ensuring they stay up-to-date with their interactions and transactions. Enhance customer experience by keeping them informed and engaged at every step of their journey.  

Webhook-Driven Back-End Integrations

Effortlessly automate and customize the customer experience by utilizing webhooks for back-end to back-end integrations, enabling dynamic adjustments to product and service usage based on various events.

With our back-end to back-end integrations powered by webhooks, you can seamlessly connect and communicate between systems, allowing for automated actions based on various events. Handle incoming webhooks to effortlessly modify the customer experience and usage of your product or service in response to specific events or triggers. This functionality enables you to dynamically adapt and customize the customer journey, providing a tailored and interactive experience. 

Flexible GraphQL API For Subscriber Management

Effortlessly manage and query your subscriber base using our flexible GraphQL API, empowering you with comprehensive control and streamlined development.

Our platform offers a flexible GraphQL API that provides a comprehensive and customizable solution for querying and managing your subscriber base. With this powerful API, you can efficiently retrieve and manipulate subscriber data, enabling you to tailor your services to meet the unique needs of your customers. Whether you need to perform complex queries, update subscriber information, or analyze data, our flexible GraphQL API empowers you with the tools to effectively interact with and manage your subscriber base. 

Automated Workflow Automation

Automate workflows using conditional and delayed event triggers to streamline processes and tasks.

Automate your workflows with our feature that enables conditional and delayed event triggers. With this functionality, you can set up automated processes that respond to specific conditions and time intervals, streamlining your operations and saving valuable time. Whether it's sending follow-up emails, triggering notifications, or updating customer records, our platform empowers you to automate various workflows, ensuring efficiency and consistency in your business processes. 

Payment Provider Integration and Consolidation

Efficiently manage transactions from multiple payment providers in one centralized platform, streamlining your operations and enhancing visibility.

Effortlessly manage multiple payment providers by utilizing our platform's support for aggregation and consolidation of transactions. With this feature, you can conveniently view and track transactions from various providers in a centralized location, simplifying your payment management process and providing a comprehensive overview of your financial activities. 

Streamline Multi-Currency Transactions

Enable seamless multi-currency transactions, accommodating different decimal points and providing a unified payment experience.

Our platform enables seamless transactions and support for multiple currencies, accommodating varying decimal points, all in one centralized location. Expand your global reach and cater to diverse markets by effortlessly handling transactions in different currencies, ensuring a smooth and unified payment experience for your customers. 

Integration & Localization

Low-Code & No-Code Power

Low-Code & No-Code Power-1a Low-Code & No-Code Power-2
Dynamic Checkout Experiences

Deliver personalized checkout experiences by customizing and auto-generating the checkout flow based on your business model and billing cycle.

Our platform offers the flexibility to create tailored and automatically generated checkout experiences. With customizable options and the ability to apply themes, you can design checkout flows that align with your unique business model and billing cycle. Whether you need to accommodate different pricing structures, subscription plans, or one-time purchases, our feature ensures a seamless and personalized checkout experience for your customers.  

Seamless Embeddable Checkout Experience

Embed our checkout experience seamlessly into your platform or website, providing a hassle-free transaction process for your users.

With our embeddable overlayed checkout experience, you have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate the checkout process within your platform or website. You can choose to embed the checkout experience directly into your platform's workflow or overlay it on top of your existing pages. This feature enables a smooth and cohesive user experience, allowing your customers to complete their transactions without navigating away from your platform.  

Pre-Built Embeddable Customer Portal

Empower your customers with our pre-built and embeddable customer portal, offering them control over their interactions and eliminating the need to develop a custom portal.

With our pre-built customer portal, you can empower your customers and give them control over their interactions with your business. Our customer portal is designed to cater to their needs, allowing them to manage their accounts, access relevant information, and perform various actions. You can easily embed this portal into your existing platform or website, eliminating the need to invest time and resources in building a custom portal from scratch. By leveraging our pre-built solution, you can enhance the customer experience, streamline their interactions, and focus on delivering value. 

Codeless Event Notification Customization

Effortlessly configure and customize event notification templates for each event using our intuitive interface, eliminating the need for coding.

Simplify your event notification management with our intuitive platform, eliminating the need for coding. Customize and configure notification templates effortlessly through our user-friendly interface. With a wide range of events to choose from, you can easily set up automated actions and ensure timely communication. By configuring event notifications, you can automate the triggering of actions and send them to the designated destination whenever those events occur. Stay informed about critical events on your site and trigger automated actions using SMS, messages, emails, and webhooks. 

Codeless Event Notification Customization

Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive Customer Reporting

Generate detailed customer reports by consolidating all relevant information, including customer details, payments, invoices, subscriptions, and historical data into comprehensive profiles.

Our platform offers detailed customer reporting capabilities, providing you with a comprehensive view of customer information, payments, invoices, subscriptions, and their current and historical data. This consolidated customer profile allows you to access all relevant details in one place, empowering you to analyze customer data, track their activities, and gain valuable insights for better decision-making and customer relationship management. 

Comprehensive Report Generation

Generate comprehensive reports on transactions, coupon usage, invoices, and customers for informed decision-making.

Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports that provide valuable insights into various aspects of your business. Generate reports on transactions, coupon usage, invoices, and customer listings, allowing you to analyze data, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Our reporting feature empowers you with the information you need to optimize your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

Real-Time Subscription Metrics Dashboard

Track and analyze subscription metrics such as MRR, ARR, ARPU, and cohort analysis in real-time to optimize your subscription business.

With our platform, you can easily monitor and analyze essential subscription metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and cohort analysis. These metrics are always up-to-date, providing you with valuable insights into plant movement, cash movement, and cohort analysis. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to optimize your subscription business.

Tailored Insights With Customizable Dashboards

Create customized dashboards tailored to your specific business needs, organizing and visualizing key metrics for informed decision-making.

With our customizable dashboards, you have the flexibility to organize and build personalized visualizations tailored to your specific business needs. Create interactive and informative dashboards that provide a comprehensive overview of key metrics and data, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive business growth. 

Tailored Insights With Customizable Dashboards
Data History Tracking 

Track the historical data of transactions, invoices, customers, and subscriptions across currencies and providers for comprehensive insights.

With our robust historical data history tracking feature, you can effortlessly maintain a detailed record of all transactions, invoices, customers, and subscriptions. This includes a comprehensive history across different currencies and providers, ensuring you have complete visibility and accurate insights into your business operations over time. 

Data History Tracking
Unified Currency Aggregation

Aggregate transactions and metrics from multiple currencies into a unified currency, simplifying reporting and providing a comprehensive overview of financial data across different currencies.

Our platform supports and reports multiple currencies with different decimal points, allowing you to aggregate all your transactions and metrics into a single currency, regardless of the currency used for the actual payment. This feature ensures consistent and streamlined reporting, providing a comprehensive overview of your financial data across different currencies. With the ability to consolidate and unify currency information, you can easily analyze and track your business performance without the complexity of managing various currency conversions. 

Unified Currency Aggregation

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What is Subsbase?

Subsbase is a SaaS platform designed to simplify recurring revenue and subscription management operations for your business. It helps businesses efficiently handle customer subscriptions, billing, collections, and more, allowing them to focus on their core offerings.

How can my business benefit from using Subsbase?

Subsbase removes the overhead of recurring revenue and subscription management , streamlining operations and saving valuable time and resources. You can maximize efficiency and accuracy in your business operations with Subsbase's automated omni-channel collection, billing, customer management, and reporting tools. Gain valuable insights to optimize your recurring revenue model, all while eliminating unnecessary complexities and errors.

Is Subsbase suitable for my business size and industry?

Yes. Subsbase caters to businesses of different sizes and industries. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, dealing with recurring revenue and subscriptions, Subsbase offers a scalable and flexible solution to meet your specific needs. Therefore, Subsbase is indeed suitable for your business. Schedule a demo today to see how Subsbase can meet your specific needs.

What features does Subsbase offer?

Subsbase provides a comprehensive set of features, including revenue management, omni-channel collection, customer lifecycle management, automated billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics, integration capabilities, dunning management, customer support tools and much more based on your business needs.

How does Subsbase handle billing and collections?

Subsbase automates the billing process, generating tax compliant invoices and handling payment collections seamlessly. This ensures a hassle-free payment experience for both your business and your customers.

Can Subsbase integrate with our existing business tools?

Yes, Subsbase is designed to integrate with other essential business tools such as CRM systems, accounting software, and payment gateways. This enables you to create a unified ecosystem and streamline your entire business process.

Can Subsbase integrate with payment gateways in my country?

Yes! Subsbase offers out of the box API-based integration with localized payment gateways, as well as Standard and Smart routing features to ensure efficient transactions.

How does Subsbase help with customer retention?

Subsbase provides valuable reporting and analytics on recurring revenue and subscription performance, customer behavior, and churn rate. With these insights, you can make informed decisions to improve customer retention strategies and boost customer loyalty.

Is customer support available for Subsbase users?

Absolutely! Subsbase offers dedicated customer support to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter while using the platform. Our expert onboarding team, which engages day 1 to help and support customers, dedicated account managers and customer success managers are here to ensure you have a smooth and productive experience with Subsbase.

Is there a trial period or demo available?

With Subsbase, there's no need for trial as we have the pay as you go model which is basically free to try with only transaction fees, in addition, you can schedule a demo of the platform, to experience first-hand the Subsbase platform, with the guidance of our experts. 

How do I get started with Subsbase?

To get started with Subsbase and experience its full potential, we invite you to schedule a personalized demo with our expert sales team. They'll guide you through the platform's features and show you how Subsbase can revolutionize your recurring revenue management.


If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping your business thrive with Subsbase!