Your Ultimate Solution For Managing Your Recurring Revenue Based Business

Subsbase is the recurring revenue and subscription management platform for regional scale. Power your full recurring revenue cycle, from automated billing and invoicing to integrations and analytics.

Streamline Your Subscription Management With Subsbase 

Subscription Management

Manage your subscriptions, billing, and customer information easily and efficiently.

Automated Billing

Streamline your billing process with automatic invoicing, payment processing, and subscription renewals.

Recurring Payments

Simplify your subscription billing by managing automatic recurring payments, payment failures, and subscription upgrades/downgrades in one place.

Churn Management

Reduce customer churn with data-driven insights, targeted communication, and proactive retention strategies to keep your subscribers engaged and loyal.

Subscription Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your subscription business with comprehensive analytics and reporting, including key metrics such as MRR, churn rate, and customer lifetime value.

Partners & Integrations

Extend the capabilities of your subscription management by leveraging our  integrations with popular payment gateways, CRM systems, and other business tools, and leveraging partnerships with industry-leading service providers.

Deploying Subsbase to manage our subscriptions and recurring revenue for one year cost less than employing a software engineer for one month. It took less than a month to integrate and we have now been using Subsbase for two years.
—Abdelkader Ahmed Zammit
We explored the market, pitched several payment providers and then found that Subsbase was able to meet our needs, the service we required was already on the platform and perfectly executed, which was why we chose Subsbase.
—Mohamed El Shiaty Dubizzle