Client Success Story

Dubizzle Revolutionizes Payments with Subsbase: Streamlined Subscription Management for Enhanced Customer Experience

Discover how Dubizzle, the leading UAE & Egypt classifieds site, leveraged Subsbase to simplify subscriptions, offer diverse payment options, and automate billing, leading to a seamless customer experience. Subsbase empowered Dubizzle to eliminate check payments, onboard clients with credit cards, and provide diversified payment methods. By automating recurring billing processes, Dubizzle ensured timely and accurate collection of subscription fees, while analytics and reporting features empowered data-driven decisions. With Subsbase managing 20% of its client base, Dubizzle plans to expand its use, doubling or tripling platform users and streamlining its entire B2B portfolio. Subsbase's innovative edge sets it apart in the market.

“We explored the market, pitched several payment providers and then found that Subsbase was able to meet our needs,” Mohamed recalls. “The service we required was already on the platform and perfectly executed, which was why we chose Subsbase.”


“We also found that many payment providers did not provide the support we required. Subsbase took a proactive approach, offered us guidance on how to streamline subscriptions and working hard to help us give our clients a seamless experience.”  

— Mohamed Assem El Shiaty, Growth & Account Management Senior Manager