Client Success Story

The Box Company - Revolutionizing Subscription E-Commerce in the Middle East with Subsbase

Discover how The Box Company, a pioneering e-commerce store in the Middle East, transformed its subscription business with Subsbase's seamless integration. Facing challenges with manual processes and a lack of suitable solutions, The Box Company aimed to become the region's top subscription box company. Subsbase provided an all-in-one subscription management platform, collaborating closely to integrate it seamlessly into their operations and website. The results include increased revenue, enhanced customer experience, improved operational efficiency, and heightened trust in the online marketplace. The Box Company is now poised for further growth and expansion in the Middle East's subscription market. Download the full case study to learn more.


"Finding the right partner that fully understands the power of subscriptions was not an easy task; after several searches, we found Subsbase. Together we are planning to build the largest subscription platform in the Middle East."

— Aly Dabbous, Founder of The Box Company